Work from homerituals

By Barbara van Limburg-Stirum Apr 28, 2020

We have also been working from home for quite some time and this has brought change in many areas, including the fixed rituals. Are we actually creatures of habit and do we just take the rituals to our new workplace, or are there other things that give our creativity and motivation an extra boost in these crazy times? 

Our producer Barbara delves into nature:

“I notice that I need an even tighter rhythm at this time. I fled the city for a while and take full advantage of nature with my parents. I go to bed a little earlier wake up to the sun, after which I almost immediately put on my bathing suit and in an ice cold lake splash. Then I cycle on my road bike or sport at home to get warm. When I'm in the first team call at 9am, I'm more awake and more energetic than ever before, so this new ritual will remain for the time being. ”

Our editor-in-chief Yorin still swears by his first cup of coffee:

"The first thing I did on a normal office day was to make a cup of coffee. I always love to start up quietly for a quarter of an hour in the morning. This has not changed much with working from home: I get up, make coffee, jump behind the laptop for the daily Google Hangouts session with the team and then start with the things that need to be done. 

The advantages of working from home are the cats that come every now and then to take a look at how you are working. Unfortunately, I do miss the falafels from the Syrian supermarket in Javastraat, but maybe that's for the better 😉 '



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