Unlock your talent

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) organizes the Top Talent Gala every year. This day is all about attention to talent. Any talent. Whether students who excel at school, students who achieve the best in their sport or students who want to do something for society. They are all talents. Therefore the assignment: 'unlock your talent'.

Dare to show your talent

Together with students of the 4th Gymnasium for the 2017 edition we made the video in which the students show their talents. Within our concept: 'Dare to show your talent, no matter how special or crazy this talent is', almost anything was possible. From card tricks to DJs, from design to stunt flying with a drone, from dancing to speeches.

Sound from a safe

We are in the hallway of one high school. Sound and light come from a locker. A cleaner is working in the background. The locker opens. With a flash we end up in an auditorium. In the auditorium we see various talents passing by. The video concludes with the pay-off: Unlock your Talent!

Video clip

We chose the feel of a video clip. During a quick assembly, the students alternate quickly. In the background you can see smoke and neon colors. The music of the composers of Big-Orange finish the clip.

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