The Silence of nature

By Barbara van Limburg-Stirum Jun 30, 2020

The silence of nature has many sounds. To illustrate the poem by Henriette Roland Holst, we were able to shoot beautiful images for Groene Netten. We dived into nature and experienced the silence.

Introducing the makers of PetaPlan, the national infrastructure managers of Groene Netten the Ecological Main Infrastructure. Together they manage 922 km2 of land and water, an area larger than the Veluwe and a quarter of the land nature of the Netherlands. Not in one place, but spread over an infrastructure network of 802,500 km2. In this way we reinforce nature and infrastructure together. Not only is this a wonderful assignment that gave us a lot of energy as a team, but filming it also had something magical. Our editor and camera assistant Yorin on the perfect opening shot: “When you stand up to your ankles in the damp grass for a drone shot at a power plant at 5:30 in the morning and you see the sun rise, everything falls exactly into place. Everything we envisioned for the perfect opening shot in the film worked. That really gives a huge kick. ”


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