The importance of own work

By Tigo Linkenkaer-Hansen Oct 12, 2020

At Koekepeer we help our customers by creating amazing video content. That's of course a great job! To maintain a fresh spirit, it is important to regularly work on our own projects in addition to our regular work. For example, every year I choose a number of projects that I find interesting. This way I challenge myself to learn and try new film techniques, for example.

Aron Kroes
A month ago I was looking at some paintings on the internet. At one point I saw a painting by the artist Aron Kroes. Because Since I found his work very inspiring, I started working on a project of my own.

First of all, I studied his art. What and why do I find his art interesting? How can I process that in the video? As a result, I started to think more about what art actually is.

What does art mean to you?
Then I discovered how broad the concept of art actually is. Everyone sees art in a different way. For me art is a creative process that you go through and before creating something new. However, art might mean something completely different for you.

I decided to approach Aron Kroes and ask if we could meet. He liked the idea and a few days later I was in his studio looking at his art. We decided to make a video in which Aron Kroes presents himself. Aron tells and shows what art means to him. I am very happy that I made this video. Sometimes one can be so caught up with the daily work that you almost forget how much fun creating stories really is. That is why these types of projects are very important to me. That way I keep challenging myself, innovating and making my own artistic choices.


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