The Catchphrase case

By Barbara van Limburg-Stirum Oct 12, 2020

Every great football game, conference or concert brings enthusiasm, and whether you like it or not, great enthusiasm requires good security. Every great football game, congress or concert comes with great enthusiasm.And like it or not, great enthusiasm needs to be controlled for your safety. Yes, we’re talking about security. In these (still) surreal times of social distancing, we find ourselves looking for new connections and innovations. Our ways of working have changed drastically, which resulted in inspiring new solutions.

I would like to introduce you to our client and partner: Tjalp!

We are making great strides with Tjalp, which is why we are very happy to introduce you to our Tjalp customer and Tjalp partner: CatchphraseCatchphrase is a brand new app that helps organisations and companies with a jump start whenever they want to organise an event. The Catchphrase app allows teams – security, catering, hospitality – to easily check their shift briefing and receive on-site crew support. The Catchphrase app enables teams - security, catering, hospitality - to easily share and monitor briefings and provide on-site support.

This new mobile solution stimulates communication and involvement. All of this leads to the ultimate goal: the team feels loved, cared for, motivated and valued. This new way of briefing teams is the new way of working.

We are so happy to see all these new innovative ideas. How companies adapt themselves to the new way of life in such an inventive way. And the best part is that we can be part of this launch, with Tjalp - Produce affordable videos with professional actors easily and quickly. Create videos to train or explain a product. Prices from € 299, -. With our online video platform Tjalp, we provided our experienced spokespeople to tell the message from Catchphrase. Because hey, such a great product has to be presented in the right way.


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