Every year we look forward to the Christmas commercial of John Lewis. This English department store hits the spot every year and is currently the standard when it comes to Christmas commercials. This year Elton John's blood sweat and tears. A wonderful commercial.

It's not about the gift, but what the gift can mean to someone.

John Lewis started a decade ago at Christmas with their Christmas commercials made by Adam & Eve DDB. In England, the 'Christmas Adverds' have become part of popular culture since 2009. They are just as much part of the holiday as Mistletoe and Christmas Pudding.

Tongue sticks to your palate
Cadbury is such a typical British chocolate brand. Chocolate bars, candies, fudge, sweet tongue, choose to stick together. Such a box under the Christmas tree that was empty days before Christmas. In their elegant commercial, Cadbury asks if you can keep a secret.




The German supermarket Edeka has a tradition of making somewhat darker and scouring campaigns. For example, last year Edeka told a science fiction Christmas story about one lonely robot who wants to celebrate Christmas.

You should dare
Earlier they made a campaign about loneliness. A brave and painful story that does not remain completely tasty.


The choice is yours
This year Edeka takes a slightly less dark approach. How much Christmas do you want?

Are the British cheerful and the Germans not?

In any case, it is striking that supermarkets in Germany take a social stand. The commercials have a serious tone. For example, Lidl has a campaign this year in which the grown-ups argue and the children decide to run away and have a party themselves.