Hey greetings from Breda!

Ladies and gentlemen, I will introduce myself. I am Serge Musoko and I am 25 years old. I have lived in Breda for almost 5 years. King Willem I College in Den Bosch is the home base where I follow my training as AV specialist / Filmmaker. A huge school with many courses. I've had my ups at that school and now I'm going to upgrade myself at Koekepeer in Amsterdam.

My experiences and vision

That's me. Always rejoicing about life!

My experience is very positive about the company itself. The team that guides me is not only professional, but also very down to earth. I learn a lot and immediately get responsibility and freedom. During my internship I will also work on my own project. Who wouldn't want something like that as a filmmaker or rather as an artist / artist. That you can go ahead and do what you want, without any pressure or opinion from others.

It is not wrong at all to use people's ideas, but as an artist I choose authenticity and I want to develop myself in it.

Can I do that on my own? Of course not! We work together. With the Koekepeer team, I get the opportunity to not only learn and develop, but also to continue on the steps of the film adventure that will take place in the future.