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Hero-Hub-Hygiene model

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Hero-Hub-Hygiene model

Google's best practice
When I bring up strategy and planning, many envision tedious, drawn-out meetings in dimly lit rooms with bland décor. "Can't we focus on inspiring videos instead?" you might ask. Well, absolutely! But without a plan, you're essentially shooting in the dark – a waste of both time and money. If you're aiming to ace your online communication, you need an effective content strategy. Opt for a smart approach, like the Hero-Hub-Hygiene model. This 3-H framework was crafted by Google themselves to foster strong connections with their target audience. And if it's endorsed by Google... 

Three pillars of the model
The Hero-Hub-Hygiene model is built upon three key pillars: Hero, Hub, and Hygiene. Together, these elements lay the foundation for a robust content strategy that enables you to assist, inspire, and delight your visitors. By aligning your plans with this model, you ensure efficient use of your marketing budget and effectively reach your audience when it matters most.

1. Hygiene content
Kickstart your content planning with Hygiene content, also referred to as 'help' content. This content type provides your visitors with the answers they seek. Think crucial topics, how-to guides, and product reviews. By consistently publishing this content year-round, you guarantee that your target audience always has access to valuable information.

2. Hub content
Hub content acts as the driving force behind your content strategy. These posts and expressions are crafted to inspire and ignite your audience, prompting them to revisit your website repeatedly. Through regular and consistent sharing of Hub content, you cultivate a sense of inspiration within your target group, fostering a lasting bond and ensuring your brand stays at the forefront of their minds.

3. Hero content
The Hero content serves as the dazzling centerpiece of your content strategy. These are the grand campaigns that you deploy only once or twice a year, such as the unveiling of a new product, a standout advertisement, or a major event. By meticulously planning and preparing well in advance, you have the opportunity to deliver an unforgettable campaign precisely when it's needed most.

Storytelling tip

Hero-Hub-Hygiene model

Optimize your content planning
To effectively apply the Hero-Hub-Hygiene model, it is important to maintain good planning. Big ambitious plans are great, but it is important to spread the budget and your resources well over the three H's.

A good rhythm of good basic content, regular inspiring posts and several large-scale campaigns per year will keep your target group involved and strengthen your brand. 

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implement the Hero-Hub-Hygiene model within your company, please send me a message.

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