Stones & money
The nice thing about our job is that you can always see how it is in new worlds. In Steen, the real estate podcast I dive into the world of stones, fast guys and big money.

Rock 'n' roll
How do you find an affordable home as a starter? Why is the Amsterdam office market overstrained? How do institutional investors (pension funds, etc.) earn their money? What is the dream of rock 'n' roll architect Roberto Meyer, why were old buildings demolished in the past and are they now suddenly hip? Me, Frank Spraakman and Mattijs Kaak try to get these questions during Steen, the real estate podcast.

Frank and Mattijs have been walking around the real estate world for years. They present the podcast, I am allowed to travel as a reporter and discover this completely new world for me.

We make the podcast together with Big Orange commissioned by office furnisher Ditt Officemakers.