it starts with language

do you want to talk to me?


Het Begint met Taal


Seán Walsh, Luuk van Velthoven


Seán Walsh


Marco Vet


Yorin Kamping

Migrants tell their personal story and why they want to talk to someone in videos on the campaign site and in the pop-up store in The Hague. They all ask one simple question: Do you want to talk to me?

The aim of the campaign is to recruit more language coaches and language coaching coordinators. At present there are more than 600,000 non-native speakers in the Netherlands who are unable to participate sufficiently in society due to their language level.
We wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The speaker and the struggle with the language. You have to see and feel it.

“Working with Koekepeer is very pleasant. We are with our campaign 'Do you want to talk to me?' nominated as best social media campaign. De Koekeperen are critical, socially involved and help with our marketing. ”

Eline Dragt

Project Manager, Het Begint met Taal

It Starts with language & AWARENESS


The Begint met Taal connects non-native speakers and Dutch people with language. 



Real people, real stories

good relationship,
Great ideas


Koekepeer loves people, and is always critical when it comes to the curious. Before we make anything, we want to get to know you. The briefing is the beginning, then we build a tailor-made campaign for the people you want to reach.


Question is