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Wageningen University

Business Masters

Product campaign

3,2,1… Launch.

Challenge client

Mobility and payment platform XXImo was launching their Apple Pay integration. To create awareness and show how useful and valuable XXimo is, they asked us to develop their product launch campaign. 

Our vision

In this case we opted for a 'show and tell' approach. Of course, the best way to experience the benefits and convenience is to use the product yourself. We wanted this international campaign to feel as if you too, as the audience, had the power of XXimo in your pocket. 


An international product launch campaign in which we show the convenience of the XXimo products in a refreshed manner.

Three visions,
three mini-documentaries.

Three visions,
three mini-documentaries.

One story could change your future.

Strong brands do not 'just happen'.
Strong brands are built day after day with the power of storytelling. Because real people are 'wired' for flesh-and-blood stories.