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Primary Care Zoetermeer

Who takes care of you?

Manifesto and campaign

But who will take care of you?

Challenge client

General practitioners, physiotherapists, pharmacists and all other primary care in Zoetermeer have been united in the Primary Care Zoetermeer. 

To ensure that all residents of Zoetermeer receive the care they need in the future, good primary care staff are needed.  

Our vision

Whether you are a GP, physiotherapist or pharmacist: you care for others every day. But who actually takes care of you? In Zoetermeer, EerstelijnsZorg Zoetermeer is there for the patients but also for the healthcare workers. 


A Brand Manifesto in which the healthcare employees of EerstelijnsZorg Zoetermeer take center stage.

“The collaboration with Koekepeer has led to a beautiful manifesto about primary care providers in Zoetermeer. The Koekepeer team managed to convert our ideas into results in a very professional yet accessible manner. And we are very proud of the result! A heartwarming, connecting story that not only gives goosebumps but also makes the viewer curious for more. We are curious to see what the production of Koekepeer will bring to our organization. Let that future come, thanks to Koekepeer we can show the world that we are ready for it”

Aline Pikaar-van Zuilen

Director of Care, Primary Care Zoetermeer

One story could change your future.

Strong brands do not 'just happen'.
Strong brands are built day after day with the power of storytelling. Because real people are 'wired' for flesh-and-blood stories.