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het begint met taal

Do you want to talk?

brand campaign and positioning

Do you want to talk?.

Challenge client

In Dutch society over 200.000 migrants struggle with the Dutch language. Language organisation ‘Het begint met Taal’ asked us to create a awareness campaign focussing on potential volunteers.   

Our vision

Together with our client we worked on a Hero campagn. We believe cocktails are best when mixed and consumed with friends.


A hero brand campaign combined with explainer videos on how to mix the most tasty, refreshing and beautiful cocktails with your friends.

“Working with Koekepeer is very pleasant. We have been nominated as the best social media campaign with our campaign ‘Would you like to talk to me?’. The Koekeperen are critical, socially involved and help with our marketing.”

Eline Dragt

Projectleider, Het Begint met Taal


Het Begint met Taal


Seán Walsh, Luuk van Velthoven


Seán Walsh


Marco Vet


Yorin Kamping

It starts with a question

What is your story?