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Anti-Money Laundering Deloitte

Awareness campaign

AML in a Box

Challenge client

The costs of combating money laundering are staggering. This burden falls heavily on both society as a whole and financial institutions, which are legally obligated to identify and report instances of money laundering and fraud. Deloitte stands at the forefront of providing expert guidance and tools in the realm of AML (Anti-money laundering) strategies.  

Our vision

You don't need to venture outside the box to achieve compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. Deloitte's tools are neatly packaged 'in one box', offering financial institutions a streamlined solution to swiftly and effortlessly establish and uphold control.  


A campaign featuring a sequence of videos designed to clearly illustrate the issue of money laundering and explain the advantages of Deloitte's comprehensive solution.

“We worked together with the creative team at Koekepeer to create the (video) content for our AML in a Box and recruitment campaign. Our experience has been very positive. They prepared very well for the often complex topics, which in this case were also far removed from their daily practice. They have managed to translate this complex material into creative and appealing content. We are therefore very satisfied with the result.

Robby Phillips

Senior Manager Financial Crime Technology, Deloitte

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