Stage vs. Corona crisis

By Barabara van Limburg-Stirum Apr 15, 2020

Of course we also work from home during this crazy period and that is actually going very well. We know each other, we maintain good contact and, as seasoned Koekepeers, we know how we can work as well as possible from home. But what about the new faces? Koekepeer is just a trainee richer, who is now experiencing his traineeship time in a completely different way than expected.

Thijme Poiesz: 'If I know anything, it is that this crisis is a challenge in itself. You must be able to occupy yourself for a long time now that almost everything is at a standstill.
Fortunately my internship at Koekepeer has not ended and I can still work on it every day - from home of course.

This is a completely new learning experience, especially because the company is based in Amsterdam and I live in Limburg. This distance is easy to bridge, we keep in touch via a video call, usually about 3 times a day.
In the beginning I had a bit of trouble with this, not with video calling but especially with communicating. In such a period as this is the communication between your colleagues and internship supervisor essential.
That is why I learn a lot from this internship, but not in a way that I had previously thought.

Not only do I learn to communicate, I also become better at working independently, to motivate myself to continue working and still make something beautiful.
I see this as one opportunity to improve myself in an area that I didn't initially envision.

Whether I miss my colleagues and office? Absolutely! 
I would prefer to be outside again on the set, work in the office, and gain more experience in Amsterdam.
You also miss the small things. Conversations with your colleagues are not the same in video calls.

Hopefully the situation will improve soon and I can spend the last months of my internship in Amsterdam. ”


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