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Sharps Brewery from Cornwall, England, has found an innovative and creative way to raise money to protect the coast. Artist Sebastian Plano made a music track together with the Atlantic Ocean with the name: Keynvor. Keynvor means Ocean in Cornish. Every stream that gets the song on Spotify makes money going straight to Surface Against Sewage. This is an organization that protects the coastal areas in the region.

You can listen to the song here.

The Tunnel

A beautiful campaign of flesh and blood from Croatia. Insurance company Croatia Osiguranje has made an exhibition about the noisy history of the country. You will be taken through this history with real stories of the inhabitants. No known Croatians, but stories of ordinary people. The stories were collected via social media.

Ocean of the Future

Greenpeace uses the enthusiasm and amazement of children to highlight a major problem. A group of hopeful children and a sea aquarium, that's all you need.

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