We are no longer talking about it two weeks after the fuss

The blue ticks in Whatsapp are the talk of the day for one day. Trending topic on twitter, Companies and organizations who hang up, and irritated colleagues who swear to switch to WhatsApp competitor Telegram. Even the 8 o'clock news pays attention to it.
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Articles about stretching privacy are published every day. The discussion flares up once every few months. Two examples:

  • Whatsapp is taken over by Facebook, users are concerned
  • ING wants to analyze customer data and sell this data to companies

In the event of data breaches or the stretching of privacy rules, the outrage is initially large. Twitter explodes and publishes newspapers, TV and radio about the fuss. The company in question then promises to investigate the problem or, in the case of ING, not to sell the data. A few weeks later when the dust has settled it appears that the borders have stretched a bit.

Guarding boundaries

ING indicates that it does not sell customer data, but that it is more in-depth research want to do according to buying behavior. The blue WhatsApp check marks can now be turned off on Android. That is not yet possible on Iphones. After the first irritation we also use Whatsapp again and we no longer see the blue check marks. If the users only shout loudly and set no limits, it makes sense for companies to look for where the limit is.

When the dust has settled, the boundaries are stretched