Hi, my name is Melody Boorsma, 19 years old and I am from Amersfoort. The next 5 months I will do an internship here at Koekepeer.

I have been living in Amsterdam since early 2016, but I study media design at the Cibap in Zwolle (it may be far, but it is worth it).

From a very young age I have been making films a lot, when I got my first camera as a 10-year-old I started recording small funny videos with my neighbor boy. Later I realized that I wanted to make this my profession.
After my studies, I would like to transfer to HBO, preferably to the film academy in Amsterdam.

I also really enjoy watching movies. The movies that I would recommend everyone to watch are '' 2001 A Space Odessy '', '' Victoria '' and '' Monthy Python: the Meaning of Life ''.

I think it would be very nice to be able to tell stories, and in this way make people feel or think. That is why I think I can learn a lot about storytelling at Koekepeer. I am excited to work with many different people and many different stories.