Hi! I am Barbara, the latest addition to Koekepeer, where I will be working as Producer from now on. I am 28 years old, I graduated from the Junior Academy for Art-Direction & Design in Amsterdam in 2015, after which I started working as a freelance Art-Director, including with Koekepeer.

It was immediately fireworks, because my freelance days are over and I am very happy that I am now really part of the team!

In addition, I have a great passion that I have also made my work of; I perform as a DJ and produce my own music. Every now and then I hit a side road as a singer-songwriter, resulting in radio debut and beautiful performances. I enjoy this a lot, but it has also taught me to market myself as a brand; how do you approach yourself as a brand, what does your market look like and how do you best communicate yourself and your story? That is super interesting and educational, as I normally do it for others. 

This is a great combination for a creative centipede. I like challenge and diversity and this way I get the most out of myself. In addition, I believe that one only strengthens the other. I love that about Koekepeer, it is a diverse agency with multiple faces. Every day is therefore different, as are the projects and customers. Koekepeer tells beautiful stories, real stories. I can't wait to contribute and to share my love for storytelling here.