Hi, my name is Sven Alkema. I am 21 years old and I am an audiovisual designer and designer. I graduated from the ROC Midden Nederland in Amersfoort, in Audiovisual Design and Animation.

What a mouthful all of them, in fact I'm actually quite straight forward. From an early age I love everything Fiction and Media; movies, games, books, internet, you name it. This entertainment has shaped me and my passions: I knew I wanted to do something in this direction anyway. I don't care how and what, as long as I get the opportunity to make cool things, preferably with other cool people.

During my internship at Koekepeer I knew I could get the opportunity to do that here, so after almost 2 years I am back to help Sean and the others at Koekepeer. When they can no longer see the timeline due to the film clips, I come to make sure that everything goes out a bit neatly. If I am not too distracted by the fun!

But I already hear you thinking, what does he do when Koekepeer is in control? No .. I'm not gaming at home. Okay well .. but it's not all i'm doing.

I am also working on cash to develop myself in various aspects: drawing, writing, drink with the boys, courses, freelance and perhaps a shadow of a company. This all contributes to the fact that I ultimately have the freedom to create my own stories, that is my global ambition. 100% is not yet clear whether this will ultimately be film or animation. I now lean more towards animation, but film also seems to me to be a laugh.

I can see how it all goes, I prefer to go with the flow. But one thing I know for sure: I'm going to have a great time at Koekepeer again and look forward to all the projects where I can contribute.