About Koekepeer

Who are we?

'Authentic Storytelling'

That's what we say when people ask us what we do. We are best with people like you and me. Because the stories out there are worth telling. Strong people are not afraid to be themselves, strong brands are no different. This can be done in video, photography, text, in a campaign, but preferably every day. Because if you dare to be yourself every day, it builds character.

What we believe in

Everyone has a story. In our opinion, a company or organization is a collection of people who are together at a particular time to create something together. Real people, authentic people. That's what we are, that's what you are.

Great relationships = Great ideas

Koekepeer loves people, is always curious and critical when necessary. We want to get to know you before we start creating. The briefing is the kick-off, then we build a tailor-made campaign for your audience.

Content Marketing

Great content marketing adds up. Thanks to our conceptual approach, content always fits within your larger story. Are you still searching? Or is the story clear, but are you ready for the next step? Let's have a cup of coffee together!

Sean walsh

Creative Director

Barbara van Limburg Stirum


Yorin Kamping

Video specialist

Sven Alkema


Melody Boorsma


Marco Vet

Camera technology